? Useful information on protecting cargo goods from moisture with container desiccant. Read about moisture protection and container desiccant solutions.

How does InterDry Power Desiccants help solve moisture problems?

  • Humidity You may have seen your cargo being loaded in perfect condition. But have you ever opened a container full of molded furniture? Or rusty motor equipment? Or rice sacks full of mildew? Or fruit covered in fungus?
  • Moisture processes in the container Sea Containers are an economical and safe way of shipping almost any kind of cargo. But putting a cargo into a closed strong box also entails a constant risk of moisture damage for every kind of cargo on every voyage.
  • Moisture damage A container is a closed system with it’s own ”weather”inside. It differs from the warehouse in that the variation in temperature is much greater. It is not unusual to see containers wherein temperatures range from freezing to 60-70C during the course of a single voyage.
  • About moisture and condensation I load my container under dry conditions and it is very tightly sealed. How come I still experience moisture problems?

How does InterDry work?

This unique product absorbs moisture by extracting water vapour present in the air, thus preventing the humidity inside the container from reaching dew point and condensing. The desiccant then starts to turn into a gel as it continues to absorb moisture. The water absorbed is retained due to the presence of a special binding agent, thus preventing it from leaking.

InterDry Piccolo All Sizes
About our products:
InterDry Power Desiccant converts the absorbed moisture into a gel thus preventing it form leaking. And its special SPUNBOND packing ensures one way absorption only thus retaining the absorbed moisture completely.

Contact us for information about protecting cargo goods from moisture with container desiccant.

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