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Nordic Piccolo Nordic Magnum
Nordic Piccolo Nordic Magnum
Nordic Piccolo Nordic Magnum

Our products are specifically designed to meet your needs for safe transportation of your cargo all over the world. Basically they eat humidity. With Nordic products, less is more. You need fewer and smaller units that perform 40 - 60% better than any other desiccant on the market!

Our products are:

    Completely Leak proof
  • not obstructing loading space
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Cost effective
  • Environment neutral (non-toxic)
  • Easily Disposable
  • The cheapest insurance in the world against humidity damage

Our products

Nordic Magnum Series
Nordic Magnum Series. A hanging type container desiccant. >>>
Ecopack Clay Desiccant
Clay desiccant for container shipment. Absorption rate 70% >>>
Nordic Piccolo Series
Specially developed for agricultural products. >>>
Absorbtion rate 15%. >>>
Ethylene Absorbers
For protection of fresh fruit and flowers during container shipment. >>>

Contact InterDry (Thailand). Specialists protecting fruit and vegetables.